Capacity Building

Capacity Building

From policy to institution building to the classroom teacher

Courses and Degrees

The pooled expertise of IIED leadership has enabled access to courses (many leading to degree programs) in ICT integration, entrepreneurship, leadership, educational management, capacity building, mentorship, course content mastery, pedagogy, and community development

Strengthening Transitions

Educational systems break down at critical junctures in the education life-cycle. IIED (a) strengthens those transitions through communication, curriculum reform, evaluation, mentorship and ongoing professional support designed to ensure durable, long-term change

Target Initiatives

Programs and strategies that address identified needs such as curriculum reform, teacher induction, ongoing professional development, shared practices, evaluation, and specific content areas designed to bolster teacher practice and student achievement


Teacher capacity building need not be limited to courses and degrees.  IIED creates and adapts targeted programs designed to yield results through intensive workshops, seminars, competitions, fairs, and concentrated intensives ranging from 1 week to 6 months. 

Need to Know