The overarching, pressing issues of our time — inequality, poverty, and social inclusion — cannot be addressed in isolated.  Education must be integrated into development efforts  in order to increase equity, improve standards of living, foster sustainable development, develop human capital, strengthen democratic institutions, and transmit civic and social values for generations to come.

One size does not fit all; it never did. The challenges facing Latin American and the Caribbean require local solutions, supported by global friends. We focus on identifying and nurturing local talent, regional collaboration, and a large global network of university consortia, experts, and public-private stakeholders.  By working horizontally and vertically,  we ensure long-term success.

Textbooks provide an outline for learning, but they often go out of date. If curriculum is to be relevant, it must always evolve. That’s why teachers need to share their creativity without having to face the burden of extra costs. Open Educational Resources (OER) are free, adaptable, relevant, and measurable.  They can turn that outdated textbook into a rich source of learning and innovation.

Teachers are the largest professionally-trained group in the world.  They are also true development heroes. They’re local, they’re known, and they have their fingers on the pulse of a country’s most valuable asset: the children.  By enlisting teacher communities of practice, we build teacher leaders who, in turn, make social change a measurable, impactful reality.


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