Classroom Management

Tips for teachers on creating top environments for learning

Classroom Management, Simplified

What is it?

Classroom management is not discipline or punishment, but a structure students can understand, participate in, and flourish.  As a teacher, you can save a great deal of time by creating rules students can enforce; creating centers for students to pursue their interests and raise their skills; and a sense of democracy that makes teaching and learning safe and enjoyable.

There is an art and science to classroom management.  The ten tips that follow should help a great deal.

Ten Tips for Teachers

Getting Organized

Text here

Where You Stand

Text here

Students Can Create Democracy


Positive Discipline

Here are ten tips on…

Communication with Parents


Simple Signals

Text on keeping the noise down…

The Walls Matter


Student Teaching

Text here

Combating Bullying


Celebrations and Play


Do you have idea for classroom management you would like to share?

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